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Ocean City Cool Pix Challenge 10 Categories | Summer 2014

Ocean City Cool Pix Challenge Summer 2014 10 Categories
Here is the list of 10 Categories for the Ocean City Cool Pix Challenge Summer 2014…

…but first (don’t you hate that), I’ll make it quick…

Please read this entire post, there have been questions posted in our Facebook Group, and I hope to answer them here…

And, I’m sure there will be more questions after you read this list, again, please post them in the Facebook Group as others may, also, have similar questions…

Finally, remember, this is a family friendly challenge, be cool!

So, without further ado…

The 10 Categories for the Ocean City Cool Pix Challenge Summer 2014












I may be wrong, but the first question I hear ringing in my head is ‘does this word mean this or that’?

The 10 categories are all about your “interpretation” of the category word, yours and yours alone. We may each read the category word and think completely differently about what the word may mean…

And, that’s what is so cool about this challenge, it’s all about your interpretation!

So, interpret till the sun sets 60 times!

Ocean City Cool Pix Challenge 10 Categories and Your Facebook Album

Here is the link to the post for setting up, and how to manage, your Ocean City Cool Pix Challenge Facebook Album – Click Here!

Throughout the Challenge you may have as many pix as you want in your Album, it’s yours to manage, but, but, but, on the day you submit the Album’s link to the Ocean City Cool Facebook Group there should only be 10 pix in the Album. You may even want to set up two or more Albums and then when you are ready to submit your Album, then compile them into the one Album titled “Ocean City Cool Pix Challenge Summer 2014”.

Each of the 10 pictures in this Album of yours will have a ONE word description, that will be the Category Word.

Do you have to submit a picture in all 10 categories? No, you may enter in one, two or all. All pictures submitted following these few guidelines will be considered.

May you graphically enhance your entries? Yes, but whether that will help your entry or not is up to the judges when they compare all pix for the category.

May you submit one pix for two categories? No, each category must have its own original picture. And, no quick snaps, don’t care if that grain of sand is 2 inches left of the grain of sand in the similar picture. The pix must be different, original.

Do you win anything? We did not want to make this Challenge about selling stuff, y’all see enough ads every day, we don’t want to annoy you with more, but we can always take a Group Member vote on that, you want to put up with ads so you may win something… Share your thoughts in the Group.

The Ocean City Cool 2015 Calendar will feature the three most Liked pictures, and maybe more…

So, to me, that is a big win, your name and any other information you would like to share, such as your website or blog, will be included with your picture.

Other wins:

  • You will see some really cool pix as the challenge goes on, personally I would not share a pix that you are going to enter in the challenge, but all your 2nd, 3rd, etc. pix, share ’em.
  • We have some professional photographers and movie producers that have volunteered some of their time to post some tips and insights, as well as help judge, on how to take better pix. They are in demand in their industry, and will post when they can, so check out the Groups’ Newsfeed at least a few times per week.


As we progress through each of the Challenges we plan on adding Sponsors, we’d like for you to walk away with a little more than just bragging rights, but we’ll see how that goes…

Next, the Ocean City Cool Facebook Group is for you! Let’s learn, share, have discussions, ask questions, you name it, it is to assist you in taking better and better pix, and, of course, learn more about how cool Ocean City, MD and the other local beaches, really are.

These Ocean City Cool Pix Challenges are for everyone, it does not matter your age, your photography skills, there are no qualifications but that you love photography, and if you love the beach like I, you’ll love coming here ’cause there are some really cool opportunities here to capture some fantastic images.

Finally, let’s have fun, take lots of pix, share lots of pix, talk to the other members, ask questions, help with answers, we all have a couple common interests, let’s make friends and have one heck of a cool summer!

And, we are always open to suggestions and comments, but be cool, anything derogatory, anything at all, will get you banned from this Group. Sharing is cool, spamming is uncool, if you are not sure if you should share it or not, don’t. If it’s one of those things you are not sure about, email us.

Be Cool!

UPDATED September 12 2014 – Ocean City Cool Pix Challenge Summer 2014 Finalists – Click Here!

PS. Thinking ahead, will there be more Challenges? Yes, stay in tune with the Group, we will be working on a Winter Lights Challenge (don’t have to be at the beach for this one) and others. Some will be a couple months, like this one, some will be a couple weeks (think Halloween). Feel free to sign up for our weekly newsletter to make sure you are informed of all the challenges – Click Here!
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