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By: Ocean City Cool Team | 03/01/14

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I do love Ocean City, so many sites to see, and as I road the Beach Bus home after today’s sightseeing adventure I learned that ‘some’ folks that have lived here for years do not know about some of these sites.

Today’s Ocean City Sites to See adventure started on the Ocean City Boardwalk at 7th Street, where I decided to head south towards the inlet, as it was getting close to sunset I was hoping to take some pictures looking out over the inlet bay, and as you’ll see I got a couple fair pictures of the sunset.

Back to 7th Street and the Boardwalk, heading south the first thing I came across were some historic signs of one of the long ago hotels of Ocean City, the Hagan’s Maryland Inn. Learned a little history about Hagan’s from a Pinterest post here. Looked like a beautiful, old-fashioned building, and sounds like it was the place to go in it’s day. Alas, as I have learned, and seen, it is now a Fun City Arcade, but, did these signs at some point hang on the Hagan’s Maryland Inn? Will have to find out, but they look very old, so here are the signs that are currently on the side of Fun City Arcade at Carolina Street and the Boardwalk… (Click on Images to Enlarge)

Fisherman Sign | Ocean City Sites Woman Fishing on Inner Tube | Ocean City Sites Mere Maid Lifeguard sign | Ocean City Sites
Ladies in Swimsuits sign | Ocean City Sites Hagan's Maryland Inn sign | Ocean City Sites

Ocean City Fishing Pier | Ocean City Sites

The next part of my little adventure took me across the sands to the Ocean City Fishing Pier, damaged by Hurricane Sandy in October 2012, and again ravaged recently by some of the storms we have had, it is sadly in need of repair, as you will see. According to Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan (see article) who has talked to the folks that have the franchise, work has begun on it’s repair…

Ocean City Fishing Pier | Ocean City Sites Ocean City Fishing Pier | Ocean City Sites

Here are a couple other pictures I took of the pier while there…

Pier post and Buoy | Ocean City Sites Piering in under the Ocean City Fishing Pier | Ocean City Sites Piering out under the Ocean City Fishing Pier | Ocean City Sites

Ocean City Boardwalk Bars | Ocean City Sites

Onward with my journey, up the walkway along the Jolly Roger’s Amusement Park, and there ahead is the Purple Moose Saloon, fond memories from when I lived here back in the ’70’s, so had to take a picture, and then past Ripley’s Believe-It-Or-Not, and ahead on the right is the Cork Bar, another long ago friend, and as you can see it must have been Happy Hour, standing room only or just a lot of smokers…

Purple Moose Saloon | Ocean City Sites Cork Bar | Ocean City Sites

Ahh, those were some interesting times…

Ocean City Inlet | Ocean City Sites

Onward to the Ocean City Inlet at the south end of the Ocean City Boardwalk, here you will find the Ocean City Life Saving Station Museum, another Ocean City Historic Landmark, and one that escaped the ravages of the storms, it has been rehabilitated and is a great place to see the shark and marlin displays, and, of course, the museum.

Ocean City Life Saving Station Museum | Ocean City Sites Life Saving Station Museum | Ocean City Sites

Finally, the sunset, and as always, no matter where you are in Ocean City, it is well worth investing the time to watch it in all it’s splendor…

Sunset over Assateague Island | Ocean City Sites Sunset over Assateague Island | Ocean City Sites

Then to the east I ventured, to the Inlet’s jetty, but unfortunately the couple pictures taken were rather blurry, tad bit chilly here in OC today, I shall share new ones at another time.

Ocean City Historical Site To See

With hands dug deep in my pockets to try to thaw them out, I came to The Henry’s Hotel, and I have lived in, and visited, Ocean City many, many times and years, and I have never taken the time to read the sign out front. This time I took the time, and, again, Ocean City history is something to learn about. Here is an article about The Henry’s “Colored” Hotel, where such famous entertainers as Cab Calloway, Louis Armstrong, Count Basie and others stayed when playing in Ocean City MD.

The Henry's 'Colored' Hotel | Ocean City Historical Landmark | Ocean City Sites

Back to the beginning of my tale, on the Beach Bus ride home, though some new of the hotel, none knew of it’s history, as I, who had walked past it so many times, did not know.

Ocean City Maryland, rich in history, a place for the whole family to come and visit or stay, dining for all tastes, beautiful beaches and so much more…

Come on down, surf’s up!



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