Little Bit of North Ocean City MD | April 21 2014

By: Ocean City Cool Team | 04/21/14

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Little Bit of North Ocean City MD | April 21 2014

Started today on my back porch, cup of coffee in hand, Bessie underfoot, and hardly a cloud in the sky. Here is the 136th St Inlet looking in towards North Ocean City MD, a place that is a beautiful to admire to start any day…

Holly Lane Assawoman Bay Inlet

Coffee done, Bessie ready for her breakfast, I grab a banana and head for the 140th St beach here in upper Ocean City MD, and as I walk through the winding beach access, the first site I see is…

Dune Grasses of Spring | 140th St Beach

…the green dune grasses that are finally, after a cold, long winter, showing their true colors. Here, after many months of the coldest winter in over 30 years here in Ocean City, the green of the dune grasses, a beautiful site to see.

On to the water’s edge, the smell of the salt air is heady, and though I’m still wearing shoes, just knowing the sands of Ocean City are under my feet just feel flat good!

The waves coming in from the Atlantic Ocean are curling today, 4 to 5 footers…

Atlantic Ocean Waves Crashing on 140th St Beach Waves Crashing on the 140th St Beach | Ocean City MD Waves Curling on to the 140th St Beach | Ocean City MD

Onward with my north Ocean City MD walkabout…

I came to the Bank of Ocean City branch at 122nd Street and Coastal Hwy, and there was a beautiful view of the inlet with a couple of flowering dogwoods (least I believe they are dogwoods?)…

120th St Flowering Dogwoods 122nd St Inlet Flowering Dogwoods | Ocean City MD

More Than Just Fun In North Ocean City MD

It’s a lot of beauty as well!

Hope you have enjoyed today’s little walkabout, I’ll be bringing you more pix on my travels, and as always, please share some of your pix with us in our Google+ Community!

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