North Ocean City Rainy Day Fun 2

By: Ocean City Cool Team Ocean City Cool | Robert J Banach | 08/12/14

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North Ocean City Rainy Day Fun

It’s going to rain, what are you going to do in North Ocean City Maryland?

All hope is not lost, lots to do in North Ocean City on a rainy day, let’s look at Bayside Plaza Shopping Center located at 137th St and Coastal Hwy [Map], sandwiched in between Old Pro Golf and the Fenwick Inn. These two little blocks on the Bayside of Coastal Hwy have all you need to have a great time on a rainy day…


Old Pro Golf for North Ocean City Rainy Day Fun

Let’s start out our rainy day fun at the Old Pro Golf at 13603 Coastal Hwy [Map]. Head on inside to play the Safari Village 18 hole miniature golf course, games to play and a snack bar…  And, as the sign says ‘All Day and Night’!

Golf Old Pro 136th St and Coastal Hwy OC MD Old Pro Golf | North Ocean City Rainy Day Fun
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Bayside Plaza for North Ocean City Rainy Day Fun

One can only play so much golf, so let’s grab our umbrellas and splash across the street to the Bayside Plaza. Here we find some more fun, a bite to eat (Mmmm pizza!), grab a good book for a sunny day at the beach and a place for an adult refreshment.
Electric Quarter Arcade | North Ocean City Rainy Day Fun

Captain's Pizza & Subs | North Ocean City Rainy Day Fun Ying Xing Chinese Restaurant | North Ocean City Rainy Day Fun

The Book Store | North Ocean City Rainy Day Fun


And, for those that have young ones old enough to take care of themselves for a while, an adult refreshment is in store for you, along with some great bar food, big screen tv’s and good service…

Kirby's Red Onion Grille | North Ocean City Rainy Day Fun
More North Ocean City Rainy Day Fun

If it’s not raining to hard, or if you don’t mind running through the raindrops, then across 138th St (aka Roosevelt Ave) is the Fenwick Inn, on the top floor is Peaky’s Rooftop Restaurant and Bar. More good food, refreshments, tv’s, a couple video games and a pool table, and if the skies clear up then a very cool view of Ocean City from their rooftop deck.


NOTE: Don’t drink and drive! Ocean City Police Department are ever vigilant, so if you decide to drink then grab the Ocean City Beach Bus. There are OC Beach Bus stops in front of the Old Pro Golf and the Fenwick Inn, the cost for the OC Beach Bus is only $3.00 per person for an all day pass, good till 6:00 am. The Beach Bus runs approximately every 10 minutes and both of the stops have covered waiting areas, so the wait is not long, and it’s dry.


Even more North Ocean City Rainy Day Fun

And, if all that isn’t enough, grab that Ocean City Beach Bus and head on down to the Carousel Resort Hotel, 118th St & Coastal Hwy [Map], get off at the covered bus stop and you’ll be directly across the street.  Inside the Carousel you’ve got an ice skating rink open year round, an ice cream parlor and a game room… And, for you adults that would like to have another cold one, they’ll take care of you in the Bamboo Lounge or the Patio Bar and Grill.

Have a great North Ocean City Rainy Day Fun day!

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