You Can Do THIS in Ocean City? A Check Off The Bucket List

Ocean City Skydiving

When I think of someone’s Bucket List, Ocean City isn’t necessarily the place I think to make that check. My youngest son was turning 21 and we wanted something different, exciting and unique for him to do on his birthday.

I had an idea and started looking into places to take my son.. little did I know my searching for the perfect gift would literally land me at Ocean City Airport…in a parachute.

DCIM109GOPRO | Ocean City Skydiving

DCIM101GOPRO | Ocean City Skydiving


We decided to take him Ocean City Skydiving and had no idea that we could skydive over West Ocean City!  (Skydive OC operates right from OC Airport.)

We loaded up six of us and drove to the airport…signed all the little papers, (the ones that intend to scare you enough that the dive itself is a piece of cake), did the required lessons, chuted up and loaded up two by two in the airplane…


DCIM101GOPRO | Ocean City Skydiving

…and yup, WE DID IT!


Ocean City Skydiving | Ocean City MD


It was the most exhilarating experience that I have encountered in my life.! I wasn’t too scared until the door flew open and I was hoisted to the ledge of the door. At that point, I looked out to the ground, which was 10,000 feet below, and leaned my head back against John-the tandem instructor and then he pushed me…off the ledge of the plane. I admit, I closed my eyes for the first few seconds. I opened my eyes and screamed. We fell for 40 seconds and then the parachute opened. That is when I knew I had just done the most awesome thing ever.  Bucket List-Check!

As we soared over West Ocean City, we saw the Fenwick Island Lighthouse, all of Ocean City, Assateage and down the coast. It was the most amazing view.

DCIM101GOPRO | Ocean City Skydiving

Ocean City Skydiving

Not only did I put a check in the column, I did it twice…last year, for my 50th, we did our second jump!

Ocean City Skydiving | Ocean City Maryland

I have to admit…I AM HOOKED…as a matter of fact, I love their motto: SHUT UP AND JUMP!

Shut Up and Jump! | Ocean City Skydiving

I think I will! Not only will I meet you on the beach, I’ll meet you at the airport too…Let’s go!

You can find them at:
12724 Airport Rd, Berlin, MD 21811
(410) 213-1319


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