Hands Across The Sands Ocean City MD

Hands Across The Sands Ocean City MD

Hands Across The Sands Ocean City MD HandsAcrossTheSand.org | Hands Across The Sand Ocean City MD May 21 2016

Today, Saturday, May 21st, 2016, was Hands Across The Sands Ocean City MD, along with other events along the coasts of the Atlantic & the Pacific.  Our landlocked neighbor’s events were called Hands Across the Lands.  Around the globe there were 83 events scheduled, a great showing of all those that do care about what we continue to allow to happen to our waters, our lands & our air.

Hands Across the Sands, and Hands Across the Lands, focus is to continue to build awareness and support for the use of clean energy, and the reduction of the use of ‘dirty’ fuels, a process that is coming, but way too slowly.

Somehow, someway, we need to help promote the investments into cleaning up the world we live in, we have the technology to handle a lot of it, but until we make it profitable for people to invest into, and thus affordable for the average person, it will continue to move slowly.

Hands Across The Sand Ocean City is but a small step towards accomplishing the goal, but it is a step…

Hands Across The Sands Ocean City MD


No Offshore Oil Drill | Hands Across The Sands Ocean City MDSo, today at 12 noon, in front of Malibu’s Surf Shop at 8th St on the Boardwalk, in the pouring down rain a small team gathered here in Ocean City MD, set up our flag, a banner and pinwheels all to draw attention to what we were doing and why.  We handed out flyers, Surfrider backpacks, literature and stickers, we talked to some of the people walking the boards under their umbrellas about…

The plan to drill offshore along the entire Atlantic Coast, though cancelled for 5 years, but only for five years.  The Gulf of Mexico and the Arctic is STILL OPEN to drilling, it is going on today as we know, and some gulf coast states are still cleaning up from the BP disaster.

Now, still open is seismic airgun testing along the Atlantic Coast, this is so oil companies can obtain data to use when the 5 year moratorium is up.  The seismic airguns will search for oil and gas deposits deep below the ocean floor in an area twice the size of California, stretching all the way from Delaware to Florida.

What is Seismic Airgun Testing?

Seismic airguns are used to find oil and gas deep beneath the ocean floor. The airguns are so loud that they can disturb, injure and even kill marine life. They can also harm commercial fisheries and disrupt coastal economies. These blasts are repeated every ten seconds, 24 hours a day, for days to weeks at a time. ~ USA.Oceana.org

In July 2014…

The federal government approved seismic exploration for oil and gas drilling on the Atlantic coast. The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management will allow extensive seismic airgun testing off the Mid- and South Atlantic coasts. Seismic testing could cause major impacts to marine wildlife and the ocean ecosystem, and pave the way for offshore drilling off the Atlantic coast. ~ EcoWatch.org

Atlantic Seismic Testing Map | Hands Across The Sands Ocean City MD

Hands Across The Sands Ocean City MD was great…

… showing solidarity, helping a few people learn more about what is going on off our coast, and helping get support is all great in the big picture…

But where & how can we start here in the Town of Ocean City MD?

Starting is fairly simple, here’s what we Ocean City locals can do today…

  1. Join in on the weekly Clean Beach OC project, volunteer ONE hour of your time once per week to help clean up OC.  The Town of OC has a heck of a team cleaning up, but you & I both know that with budget restraints the employees are overworked and underpaid…  THIS IS OUR TOWN, let’s help!
  2. Ride Your Bike More, Walk More, Take The Beach Bus and Drive Less!!! Think Healthy Lifestyle!
  3. STOP USING STYROFOAM!  If there is one product we can all stop buying around town, it’s styrofoam.  Sure, we may not be able to stop buying stuff that’s shipped to us by manufacturers that just don’t care, BUT we do not need to buy products that come in styrofoam cups or containers.  Simply ask the business you go into to NOT put your order in styrofoam, they should be happy to comply, if not, do you really want to do business with them anyway?!
  4. Come to our Surfrider Ocean City Chapter monthly meetings here in OC or where you live (Chapters list)…  We Want To Work With YOU!

Let’s make our Hands Across The Sands Ocean City MD more than just 10 minutes of holding hands, more than a token 10 minutes, let’s make it an Ocean City Lifestyle!

I would love to hear your comments and suggestions about what we can do, I believe we can make a difference, that we can make Ocean City MD the Cleanest Beach In America

Join in on the conversations at https://www.facebook.com/groups/oceancitycool

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