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Ocean City Cool Capture Challenge Week 7 Red White Blue

Welcome to the Ocean City Cool Capture Challenge Week 7 Red White Blue!

What is a Cool Capture Challenge?  Each week we will host a Photo Contest for a named TOPIC, each week the topic is different, join in one, join in all, the more you join in, the more chances you have to win one of many great Prizes! So, let’s get started with the Ocean City Cool Capture Challenge Week 7 Photo Contest!

AND, You do NOT have to take the pix in Ocean City, the Photo Contests are open to you wherever you may live, BUT you will have to come to OC to collect your prize…  

This year we have a lot of  great Sponsors who have donated Prizes for the Winners of each weeks Topic…

This week’s Ocean  City Cool Capture Challenge Week 7  Red White Blue 1st Place Sponsor is…

Cool Capture Challenge Week 7 Red White Blue 1st Place Sponsor is The Alibi Room, 501 S Baltimore Ave, Ocean City MDThe Alibi Room

Located at 501 S Baltimore Ave, at the corner of Balt & Wicomico Sts in Downtown Ocean City MD [Map].  The Alibi Room is one of Ocean City’s Premier Rock & Roll Venues and jus a skip away from the Iconic Ocean City Boardwalk. 

The Alibi Room-Brings Live Music to Downtown Ocean City check out the line up of upcoming bands…  Click Here!

Thank you for donating a geOcean City Cool Capture Challenge Week 7 Red White Blue 1st Place Sponsor is The Alibi Room, Ocean City MDnerous $25 Dining Gift Certificate for the 1st place winner, sit at the bar or one of the many tables, check out all the great foods and drinks… Click Here!

Looking for live music, then The Alibi Room is the place to be.



This week’s Cool Capture Challenge Week 7 Red White Blue 2nd Place Sponsor is…

Cool Capture Challenge Week 7 Red White Blue 2nd Place Sponsor is The Boho Beach BumThe Boho Beach Bum has donated a fabulous handcrafted bracelet from The Boho Beach Bum Etsy Store. The Boho Beach Bum’s Handmade Jewelry & Accessories made with a Beachy Bohemian Vibe by Melissa, an Ocean City local.


The Fourth  of July is Monday and most all of us have America’s Independence on our mind, with cookouts planned, maybe a trip to the beach, or local campground, surely fireworks are on the agenda…

Well, this is the holiday where we show our colors…our American colors, RED, WHITE AND BLUE!  So grab your cameras and capture your photo with Rredwhiteblueed, White and Blue in it…   All Ages are welcome to enter, let’s make this a family affair…

Remember, be creative, is it an outfit, a flag, a firework display? Maybe the sky will have Red, White and Blue in it!!! Start snapping away.

Ready to Enter Your “Red, White and Blue” photo, Cool,  first keep reading…


How is the Winner Selected?

First, make sure you enter your photo in the right Photo Album…  The image to the right is what you will see when you click on this link for the Contest Photo Album, in the upper right corner you’ll see ‘Add Photo’s, click on that link in comments enter your Name & Photo Number (eg 1 of 2, or 2 of 2)…

Post your photos and get votes, comments and shares, the photos with the most combined activity is the Winner!  Any ties we’ll have a run off…

Cool Capture Challenge Week 7 Red White Blue | US Flag on a BarnNOTE:  Only pix in this week’s Photo Album are counted, if you post in the wrong spot and get a million likes, sorry, but they do not count!   ADD pix to the Album, then share the Albums link with your friends and family, more likes, comments & shares, better chance of winning!

Our goal is to keep this as simple to enter as possible, and easy to know who’s pix if the popular favorite…  So, let’s get started, post your pix here!

… Sure there are rules and here they are…

Ocean City Cool Capture Challenge Week 7 -> Guidelines

Guidelines for the Ocean City Cool Capture Challenge Photo Contests are fairly simple:

  • Photograph must have been taken during the Challenge timeline
  • Photograph must have been taken by you or a member of your family
  • Photograph must have been taken from anywhere east of the Mississippi
  • Photograph must be Straight Out Of Camera (SOOC), no altering of images by any type of software
  • Photograph MAY have your Watermark, Name, Logo or similar marking (recommend to make it unobtrusive so as not to take away from the focus of your photo and lessen your chance of winning!)
  • You MAY submit two (2) photographs ONLY, submit more and ALL your photos will be deleted.
  • Photographs MUST have the week’s hashtag in the comments of each of the photos you submit, if you submit two on one posts, BOTH photos must have this hashtag in the comments
  • Photos must be posted in the current week’s Cool Capture Challenge Photo Album in the Ocean City Cool Facebook Group

Do NOT post any of the following (You WILL be banned from Ocean City Cool for LIFE!)

  • Hate speech, credible threats or direct attacks on an individual or group
  • Content that contains self-harm or excessive violence
  • Fake or impostor profiles
  • Spam / Advertising
  • Nudity or other sexually suggestive content (Hey, this is the beach, but be cool)

Ownership of Photos Submitted

They’re YOURS, as the creator of the photograph you own all rights to the photo. Check out these two posts by Facebook in regards to your rights as a publisher:

If you are still not sure if you trust the above, then DON’T post YOUR photograph!  It’s that simple! We here at Ocean City Cool are NOT responsible if someone steals your photograph, and with the software available in the world today, it is possible.  So, you are posting at your own risk, if that is NOT ok by you,DON’T post your photograph.

Where To Share Your Photos

This Cool Capture Challenge photo contest is for our Ocean City Cool Facebook Group ONLY, if you are not on Facebook and don’t want to add a Facebook account, then we’re sorry, but this photo contest is not for you.  Each week we will create a Photo Album in the Group specifically for the weeks Photo Contest, photos must be posted in that Album or they will not be counted.

If you are ready to share the photo of choice then…  Click Here!

When To Share Photos

From Thursday at 12:01 pm until Sunday night at 11:59 pm.  Photos with at least 5 votes by our fellow members of the group, folks that appreciate what we share here, qualify! If there is a tie, yours truly will make the final decision. Winner to be announced Wednesday night when the photograph appears as the banner on the Group page.  Ready to share…  Click Here!

Questions or Comments…

Post your questions or comments in the Group Post about the week’s Photo Contest, we don’t want to miss them, so, make sure you are posting them in the right place!  You will find the post in our Facebook Group… Click Here!

Cool Capture Challenge Week 7 Red White Blue

And the Winners are…  Click Here!


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“Photography is pretty simple stuff. You just react to what you see, and take many, many pictures.” ~ Elliott Erwitt
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