Barn 34 Breakfast Made My Day

Barn 34 located at 3400 Coastal Hwy in Ocean City MD 21842 [Map], at the corner of 34th St and Coastal Hwy, is easy to spot as the name is apropos for the building’s distinctive architecture…

Coastal Hwy view of Barn 34 | Barn 34 Breakfast Made My Day

Hiram's General Store landmark sign on the front of Barn 34 Ocean City MD | Barn 34 BreakfastThe building constructed by the Collins Family in 1976 to house Hiram’s General Store, and then for many years the home of the Christmas Spirit until they closed their doors on December 31st, 2013.

Opening in May 2014 by the Lawson Family, after having run the Pirate’s Den for 19 years, renovated the building to a beautiful restaurant for breakfast, lunch, dinner, for drinks, and for special events.

Barn 34 Breakfast Made My Day

The other day I was meeting a business associate and asked if we could meet here as I have heard wonderful things about the breakfasts, and have been wanting to try the ever popular Captain Crunch French Toast.

Katie, Server at Barn 34 | Barn 34 BreakfastAs I arrived early I was greeted by two very polite hostesses, and as it was before 8 am, was lead right to my choice of table (right by the TV so I could watch some British Open highlights).  I was then promptly greeted by my server, Katie, who had coffee in hand, I knew immediately I was going to like this place!

While I waited for a few minutes I said hello to the bartender and then took a couple photos around the downstairs dining area….

Lauren & Barb at the Bar | Barn 34 Breakfast

Lauren & Barb at the Downstairs Bar

Front Dining Area | Barn 34 Breakfast

Front Dining Area

Rear Dining Area & Stairs to 2nd Floor | Barn 34 Breakfast

Rear Dining & Stairs to 2nd Floor

Barn 34 Breakfast Made My Day

My associate arrived and Katie came over poured us fresh coffee and whet our tastebuds by telling us of the morning’s specials, now I wanted to change my mind three times about what I was going to have….  Arrgghh!

Well, I decided to peruse the menu before making a hasty decision and my eyes settled on the Crabmeat Omelet, who the heck can pass up on a Crabmeat Omelet.  My associate ordered the Green Tomato Eggs Benedict and before our server could pour us another cup of coffee our steamy hot breakfasts arrived and the plates were so full I don’t know how the food runner could not spill any…

Crab & Cheddar Omelet (Gluten Free) | Barn 34 Breakfast Green Tomato Benedict | Barn 34 Breakfast

Of course we tried a little of each other’s breakfast, and I do have to say both were absolutely delicious.  My Crab & Cheddar Omelet was overflowing with crabmeat, it was not sprinkled on, it was a whole layer and about the best omelet I have ever had.

Now, I’ve got a pretty good appetite, and am a believer that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but there was just no way I was going to be able to eat this whole omelet no matter how I tried and wanted to…

Barn 34 Breakfast

What else can I tell you about Barn 34 Restaurant besides that the food is excellent, the service is great…

The restaurant is clean as can be, the Ocean City Beach Bus stops right at the front door, the parking lot is a little small, but there is lots of parking in the area, it’s a block from the beach so you can take a nice walk after your meal,  and there are some great shops in the area.

One last thing, you know I’m going back as I still am looking forward to trying that Captain Crunch French Toast for my Barn 34 breakfast… Soon!

Simply put, the Barn 34 breakfast is a must on your restaurants to go to here in Ocean City MD! 

Learn more about the Barn 34 Restaurant…

Website | Facebook | TripAdvisor | Ph. (410) 289-5376 | Email:

Open: Monday thru Sunday from 7:00 am to 12 midnight | Happy Hour 5 to 8 pm daily

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