Twilley’s Willys Casual Dining Options

Every Dog has it’s Day at Twilley’s Willys

If you haven’t tried a Twilley’s Willys hotdog then you are missing out. Located just North of Ocean City in the Village of Fenwick, it is worth the short trip  for a great place  for casual dining for our friends at Ocean City Cool . Directions for Village of Fenwick

Twilley’s Willys Dining Options

Twilley’s Willys  menu offers a variety of hotdogs,  soups, appetizers, hamburgers, tacos, mac ‘n cheese, a daily entrée, and a kids menu. The addition of a TV and some adult beverages means that Dad will enjoy the casual dining atmosphere, too!


Twilley’s Willys’ City Style Dogs

Twilley’s Willys  City Style Dogs, are fixed with authentic ingredients that would make their hometowns proud. Sauerkraut, chili, thousand island dressing, relish, onions, bacon, slaw and more are just a few of things you can find on the City Style Dogs.

Two thumbs up were given by my son for the Philly-which is a hotdog topped with chopped steak, carmelized onions and cheese sauce.  It was served with devious homemade chips on the side.

The Detroit Style Hotdog has chili, cheese, onions and mustard, making it my favorite choice, so far.  The chili is amazing and is topped with just the right amount of cheddar cheese. Both my thumbs are  up on this combination, as well.

Philly Hot Dog

Philly Hot Dog

Twilley's Willys

Kids Corner


Detroit Hot Dog

Detroit Hot Dog

Twilley’s Willys  has Other Doggy Style hotdogs, offering a variety of ingredients freshly topped on a hotdog served on a fresh roll.   Crab Imperial, pulled pork, blue cheese and honey are just a few of the delicious ingredients you will find on the menu.


Other Doggy Styles

 Twilley’s Willys  specials, like this hotdog topped with chili and mac ‘n cheese, gives an added bonus to their menu.  Glenn was not disappointed with his choice to try this one out, the Shore Billy Dog. It is a winner for him!

Shore Billy Dog

Shore Billy Dog

  Twilley’s Willys average review on their Facebook page of 4.9 stars out of 5, they prove that every dog has it day! FB reviews

 Plan A Day Trip

If you are looking to kill a couple of hours and have casual dining in the plans, plan a trip to the North end of Ocean City, visit the Fenwick Island Lighthouse for great photo opportunities and a history lesson, have lunch at  Twilley’s Willys , stop by Northside Park for exercise, grab your camera and walk it off…it is worth it! Depending the time of day, you can catch an awesome sunset, too.



Fenwick Island Lighthouse


Northside Park


Fenwick Island Lighthouse-Directions

Northside Park-Directions




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