Cool Capture Challenge Week 21 History

Surf Boat | Ocean City Life Saving Station Museum | Cool Capture Challenge Week 21 History

Welcome to the Ocean City Cool Capture Challenge Week 21 History 

What is a Cool Capture Challenge?  Each week we will host a Photo Contest for a named TOPIC, each week the topic is different, join in one, join in all, the more you join in, the more chances you have to win one of many great Prizes! So, let’s get started with the Ocean City Cool Capture Challenge Week 21 History Photo Contest!

AND, You do NOT have to take the pix in Ocean City, the Photo Contests are open to you wherever you may live, BUT you will have to come to OC to collect your prize…  

This year we have a lot of  great Sponsors who have donated Prizes for the Winners of each weeks Topic…

This week’s Ocean  City Cool Capture Challenge Week 21 History 1st Place Sponsor is…

Gracie Ocean City

Gracie Ocean City | Sponsor of the Ocean City Cool Capture Challenge Week 14 Kids View Photo ContestsLocated at 412 S Baltimore Ave in downtown Ocean City, MD 21842 [Map | Website]. Ocean City’s only Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts training center. We offer a variety of disciplines for all ages and ability levels.  With 1800+ square feet of mat space for training, a 22 foot MMA cage, striking area with heavy bags, double end bags, speed & aqua bags…  A Strength & Conditioning Room with weight & cardio equipment, all available for all members.  And, show this contest to the folks at Gracie Ocean City and get your FIRST Month FREE (No Obligation)!

Thank you to the Gracie Ocean City for donating One Month Free!  No obligation, just come on in and say hi, we’ll show you around the gym and what’s available!

*Note* Not Coming to OC any time soon, alternate 1st Place Prize is an Ocean City MD 2017 Calendar

The Henry's 'Colored' Hotel | Ocean City Historical Landmark | Ocean City Sites

This Ocean City Cool Capture Challenge Week 21 History is all about us finding cool photos of something that you find that’s #History …

So, why did we choose #History as this week’s Topic, because this weekend is Endless Summer Cruisin’ here in Ocean City MD and we have a lot of history coming to town, at least if Hurricane Matthew [Tracking Map] continues on it’s projected course to head out to sea…

Plus, we just have a lot of cool stuff we’ve seen and done here over the years, so check out your archives, share some of you OC history, or some history from where you live!

The January photo in the Ocean City MD 2017 Calendar you see below is from January’s 2016 Hurricane Jonas that trashed the OC Fishing Pier…  We love #history!

Again, it’s all about imagination & being creative…  This Photo Contest is open to all, and is up to you if you’d like to be creative with it…  Share your Painting, Photoshop it, have fun with it…

This week’s Cool Capture Challenge Week 21 History 2nd Place Sponsor is… aka Robert J Banach (hey, that’s me!)

Ocean City Maryland 2017 Calendar - January | Cool Capture Challenge Week 21 History aka Robert J Banach Photography is located at 408 Philadelphia Ave, Unit 901, Ocean City MD 410.921.0176

I have put together a pretty cool, if I do say so myself, Ocean City MD 2017 Calendar.  Included in the Calendar are the dates for all the major events happening throughout 2017 that I could get verified.  And, yes, getting events verified in Ocean City MD is a challenge as for some reason, it baffles me that we do not have a plan to keep events consistent.  So, I will do the best I can and for updates simply sign up for my weekly newsletter…  Click Here!

Now, the best part of this year’s Ocean City MD 2017 Calendar is the COUPONS on each page, your passport to more saving in Ocean City MD!


OC Endless Summer Cruisin 2015 Boardwalk Parade | Cool Capture Challenge Week 21 History

Ready to Enter Your #History photos, Cool,  first keep reading…

How is the Winner Selected?

First, make sure you enter your photo on the Ocean City Cool Facebook GROUP Timeline…

Second, your pictures must include this week’s hashtag >>  #History

Post your photos and get votes, comments and shares, the photos with the most combined activity is the Winner!  Any ties we’ll have a run off… 

Our goal is to keep this as simple to enter as possible, and easy to know who’s pix is the popular favorite…  So, let’s get started, post your pix here!

… Sure there are rules and here they are…

Ocean City Cool Capture Challenge Week 21 History -> Guidelines

Trimper's Carousel | Cool Capture Challenge Week 21 HistoryGuidelines for the Ocean City Cool Capture Challenge Photo Contests are fairly simple:

  • Photograph of some kind of #History
  • Photograph must have been taken by you or a member of your family
  • Photograph must have been taken from anywhere east of the Mississippi
  • Photograph may be Straight Out Of Camera (SOOC) or digitally adjusted, be creative
  • Photograph MAY have your Watermark, Name, Logo or similar marking (recommend to make it unobtrusive so as not to take away from the focus of your photo and lessen your chance of winning!)
  • You MAY submit two (2) photographs ONLY, submit more and ALL your photos will be deleted.
  • Photographs MUST have the week’s hashtag in the comments of each of the photos you submit, if you submit two on one posts, BOTH photos must have this hashtag in the comments…  #History
  • Photos must be posted on the Ocean City Cool Facebook Group Timeline
  • And, sorry, but you can only win once every 30 days, but enter anyway, we’d love to see your pix and you can always grab an Honorable Mention!

Do NOT post any of the following (You WILL be banned from Ocean City Cool for LIFE!)

  • Hate speech, credible threats or direct attacks on an individual or group
  • Content that contains self-harm or excessive violence
  • Fake or impostor profiles
  • Spam / Advertising
  • Nudity or other sexually suggestive content (Hey, this is the beach, but be cool)

Ownership of Photos Submitted

They’re YOURS, as the creator of the photograph you own all rights to the photo. Check out these two posts by Facebook in regards to your rights as a publisher:

If you are still not sure if you trust the above, then DON’T post YOUR photograph!  It’s that simple! We here at Ocean City Cool are NOT responsible if someone steals your photograph, and with the software available in the world today, it is possible.  So, you are posting at your own risk, if that is NOT ok by you, DON’T post your photograph.

If you are ready to share the photo of choice then…  Click Here!

When To Share Photos

From Thursday at 12:01 pm until Sunday night at 11:59 pm, voting stays open until the Pinned Post is taken down on Monday morning.  Photos with at least 5 votes by our fellow members of the group, folks that appreciate what we share here, qualify! If there is a tie, yours truly will make the final decision. Winner to be announced Wednesday night when the photograph appears as the banner on the Group page.  Ready to share…  Click Here!

Questions or Comments…

Post your questions or comments in the Group Post about the week’s Photo Contest, we don’t want to miss them, so, make sure you are posting them in the right place!  You will find the post in our Facebook Group… Click Here!

Cool Capture Challenge Week 20 History (Hashtag #History)

… And the Winners are… Click Here!


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