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CleanBeachOC Maryland Green Registry Member…

CleanBeachOC, an Ocean City Cool Project

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CleanBeachOC Maryland Green Registry Member…

Management and Leadership

  • Environmental Policy Statement

CleanBeachOC, an Ocean City Cool Project, is committed to reducing its impact on the environment.  We will strive to improve our environmental  performance over time and to initiate additional projects and activities that will  further reduce our impacts on the environment.

Our commitment to the environment extends to our customers, our staff, and the community in which we operate.  We are committed to:

  • Comply with all applicable environmental regulations; 
  • Prevent pollution whenever possible; 
  • Train all of our staff on our environmental program and empower them to contribute and participate;
  • Communicate our environmental commitment and efforts to our customers, staff, and our community; and
  • Continually improve over time by striving to measure our environmental impacts and by setting goals to reduce these impacts each year. 

Signed:  Robert J Banach                           Date:  11/29/2017 

Printed/Title:   Robert J Banach, Founder   

  • Environmentally Preferable Products and Services

            Robert J Banach, Founder, posted on a notice on the Ocean City Cool Facebook page and the our Ocean City Cool Facebook Group  in January 2016 after Winter Storm Jonas slammed into the beaches of Ocean City, Maryland, looking for volunteers to help the Town of Ocean City clean up our beaches.

            The first day of our clean up we had over 20 people show up, and because of the enthusiasm we continued cleaning up for 10 straight days.

            After those 10 days we had a small group that wanted to continue, and we have, except for a few rain days, every Tuesday ever since.

See record of our weekly events at

            We meet at different parts of Ocean City, mostly the beach and occasionally the bay side.  We are also working with Gail Blazer, Town of Ocean City, and are on call to clean up any trouble spots where help is needed.

  • Annual Environmental Goals

            As more people learn about what we are doing and join in, we foresee 2018 as surpassing the amount of debris collected on a weekly basis. Actual results vary week to week as we can only cover so much of the beach depending on the number of volunteers assisting on any particular week, but average weekly clean up is approximately 100 pounds of debris in 2017. In 2016, that average amount of debris was 60 pounds per week.

            Our goals are simply moving forward: to continue the projects we are currently working on, to help keep our friends, neighbors and visitors to Ocean City informed of the work we are doing and work to get them involved, and to work with other local organizations to help make Ocean City one of the most environmentally friendly cities in America.

  • Environmental Restoration or Community Environmental Projects

             Our goal each week is to clean up three to ten blocks of beach, bay and/or streets around Ocean City.  In 2017, with an average of 100 pounds of debris cleaned up from these areas each week, our goal of restoring to our beaches & bays to their natural environment is on track. 

            Unfortunately, this restoration is only short lived as this is a resort town and with the multitudes of people that visit here during our busy summer season, and the many off-season weekends, we basically start over every week. But, as we continue our #CleanBeachOC project more and more people are becoming aware of what we are doing and are beginning to pay attention.  As we continue, I believe that the example we continue to set will make a difference.

            Also, as we fundraise to help support our cause, we look forward to getting more of our local businesses involved as a lot of what we clean up is in the sand dunes around their properties.

            Finally, we meet with the Surfrider Foundation on a monthly basis and are looking to work together to develop additional projects (ie) Sans Straws Summer, etc.

Environmental Certification Programs, Awards, and Other Activities

  • As the founder of CleanBeachOC, I have been asked to speak at various functions to talk about what we are accomplishing and what we are looking to accomplish as we continue our weekly clean ups.  Most recently, CleanBeachOC was featured on WMDT 7 ABC. (See com for video.)

            We are working with our local Surfrider Foundation OC Chapter on the Ocean Friendly Restaurant program, doing what we can to reduce the use of plastic and Styrofoam.

            Also, with the local Surfrider Foundation OC Chapter and with Maryland Coastal Bays we have two Aloha Gardens located in our Northside Park that semi-annually we clean up, replant, mulch, in a continuing effort to keep it bay friendly.

CleanBeachOC Maryland Green Registry Member

CleanBeachOC Maryland Green Registry Member as of November 29, 2017

CleanBeachOC Maryland Green Registry Member | #CleanBeachOC an Ocean City Cool Project

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