Maryland Biodiversity Project Update January 2018

Welcome to the Maryland Biodiversity Project Update January 2018…

Maryland Biodiversity Project Update January 2018

** Please read and share our MBP highlights for January 2018! Thanks, everyone! **

The Maryland Biodiversity Project team has accomplished a great deal already this winter. We reached 100,000 images archived, released powerful new heat map functionality, and collaborated with key partners on everything from invasive species to next year’s big MBP BioBlitz. Read much more in our MBP highlights for January 2018. Thank you!

Maryland Biodiversity Project Highlights January 2018 | Maryland Biodiversity Project Update January 2018

Photo Courtesy of Maryland Biodiversity Project

Download the Maryland Biodiversity Project Update January 2018 pretty PDF version here:…/MBPHighlights-201801…

* Major milestone – MBP reached 100,000 images archived!

* MBP contributors documented 4,375 species for the project in Maryland in 2017!

* Major functionality addition – You can now explore quad heat maps for any taxonomic level. Where do we have the most data (and, more importantly, the least data) for butterflies, ferns, fishes, or fungi? Check it out (example shows butterfly data):…

* Coordinated with Horn Point Laboratory about our 2018 MBP BioBlitz, which we expect to hold the weekend after Labor Day.

* Collaborated with Adkins Arboretum, providing an RTE tag look-up service for use in their Living Collections Database.

* Collaborated with EDDMapS to make the MBP invasive species data export more useful.

* Worked with Rick Borchelt to provide handy butterfly data export tools to facilitate compiling lep reports in support of his invaluable Lepidoptera outreach. Be sure to follow his LepLog this field season! (

* We added 69 lichen records for Elk Ridge Native Plant Preserve in Garrett Co., representing 30+ new taxa (J. C. Lendemer, processed by Nancy Magnusson).

* Completed improvements to page navigation, especially jumping to quad maps, and speeding up editor and final approval functionality.

* Created a tag look-up service for use in ensuring MBP tags are in sync with the official state S-rankings and other sources.

* Added the ability for contributors to view personal county and quad lists.

* Improved security features of the Maryland Plant Atlas web site (SSL/HTTPS).

* Added the date to Maryland Plant Atlas quad checklists for user convenience.

* We’re delighted to welcome new MBP editors Bill McAvoy and Dwight Johnson.

* We created a page to honor Dick Smith’s amazing contributions to the Maryland nature study community (linked from the all-butterfly and all-Lepidoptera checklist pages).

* We processed 3,641 records and 2,204 photos, of which 719 photos were taken during the one-month window.

* “New Stuff” for each month – new state, county, quad, and month records by observer. You can now click any contributor’s name to filter by that observer:…/checkForNew.php…

* We wrote daily Maryland natural history posts on Facebook
( and regular posts on Twitter ( and Instagram (

Again, you can download the pretty PDF version here:…/MBPHighlights-201801…

As always, donations are greatly appreciated and help us move faster and do more good! Click the “Donate” button on the top-right of any MBP page.

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