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Here at Ocean City Cool we love our pets too, our readers have all kinds and like to bring many of them to the beach to enjoy the sun, the sand, the bay & the ocean. Now, lets keep our pets safe from the humans, the traffic and other things that our little loved ones may not be happy with! So, let’s take a look at Pet Laws Ocean City MD…

The Town of Ocean City has created some Pet Laws / Pet Ordinances to assist us in keeping our pets safe…

Boardwalkin for Pets | April 2017 Events Ocean City MD Area | Pet Laws Ocean City MDBringing your four-legged friend? It’s important to note that animals are only allowed on the beach and boardwalk between October 1 and April 30. Any handler or owner of a dog must remove any waste deposited on public or private property not owned by the handler or owner in possession of said dog. Also, dogs must be kept on a leash when being walked in and around Ocean City.

During peak-season and year-round, a Dog Playground is available at 502 94th St, Ocean City, MD 21842 [Map] so your pet can let loose and enjoy their time in Ocean City.

Now, this Dog Playground has requirements too, you need to complete an application and pay any applicable fees.  Contact OC Recreation & Parks at 410-250-0125 or view the following…

Now above are the basics, you looking for the details of Pet Laws Ocean City MD, here are the links to find out more…

Pet Laws Ocean City MD

First, what is an Animal in the Pet Laws Ocean City MD?

According to Code 1972, § 28-1, Sec. 106-92. – Definitions.

Animal. Any living organism, excluding human beings, wild fowl, wild marine organisms and other similar wild organisms. The term “animal” specifically includes any and all domestic pets, household or otherwise.

Now, let’s get specific…


Sec. 6-1. – Keeping reptiles or other nondomesticated animals.
(a) Unlawful activity.
(1) It shall be unlawful for any person to keep, house or harbor snakes, alligators, crocodiles or other reptiles, or any animal not considered a domesticated household pet, within the corporate limits of Ocean City without a special permit therefor from the Mayor and City Council of Ocean City, and under conditions prescribed by the Mayor and City Council of Ocean City.
(2) Notwithstanding the possession of a permit as set forth in subsection (a) hereof, it shall be unlawful for any person to have in possession or under control any snakes, alligators, crocodiles or other reptiles, or any animal not considered a domesticated household pet on any streets, sidewalks, alleys, boardwalk, beach, public parting lots or other public ways except when transporting such animal to a veterinary.

Under control. Leashed dogs; hunting dogs while actually being utilized for hunting or being trained for hunting; dogs while actually appearing in any show or exhibit

Sec. 6-35. – License required; licensing procedure.

K-9 dogs owned or controlled by the Police Department of any governmental subdivision when said dogs are in Ocean City as a police function.

Sec. 6-34. – Unlawful acts.

aid, counsel or advise another to break open, a dog collection vehicle, cage, shelter, pound, run or building where dogs are retained or boarded pursuant to this chapter.

Sec. 6-36. – Seizure; custody and reclaiming of seized animals.

Mayor and City Council to seize said dogs. Any dog running at large, whether or not licensed, may also be seized. Any dog not wearing or displaying a license tag, when same

Sec. 6-31. – Title.

This article shall be known as the “Dog Control Ordinance.” (Code 1972, § 23-1)

Sec. 70-39. – Collection schedule; preparation of refuse.

collectors. Access routes shall not be obstructed. Service will not be provided when dogs or other animals interfere with collectors and/or the containers cannot be rolled easily

§ C-414. – Powers of Council enumerated. (181)

Dogs— To regulate the keeping of dogs in the town and to provide, wherever the county does not license or tax dogs, for the licensing and taxing
Reclaiming diseased or vicious dogs. No dog that, in the opinion of the Animal Control Officer, has vicious tendencies,

Sec. 6-52. – Accompaniment by dogs prohibited.

No dogs are permitted to accompany riders while riding on the beach pursuant to this article. (Ord. No. 2012-1, 2-6-2012)

 Thank you for reading & getting to know the Pet Laws Ocean City MD, they will help to keep your pets safe!

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