Maryland Biodiversity Project July 2018 Highlights

Check out the latest updates from the Maryland Biodiversity Project July 2018 Highlights…

Maryland Biodiversity Project July 2018 Highlights

** Please read and share our July 2018 highlights! **

Crested Yellow Orchid (Platanthera cristata), Photo by Jared Satchell. | Maryland Biodiversity Project July 2018 Highlights 

Crested Yellow Orchid (Platanthera cristata), Photo by Jared Satchell.

July 2018 was a very productive month for Maryland Biodiversity Project (MBP). Thank you as always to our amazing community, especially our hard-working contributors and editors!

Maryland Biodiversity Project July 2018 Highlights 

* MBP reached 10,000 species with photos!

* MBP contributors added 127 new species to the project in July! How awesome is that! Special thanks to Nancy Magnusson for focusing efforts on processing the large number of new species additions.

* We continued highlighting Watch List plant species as part of the “S3 Initiative”, a collaboration between MBP, the Maryland DNR Natural Heritage Program, and the Maryland Plant Atlas Working Group. The effort highlights species ranked as S3 (Watch List) with the goal of finding new populations of these species in need of more attention.

* Highlighted a week of moth-related posts to celebrate Moth Week, including how to set up on your own moth lights and document moths where you live.

* Continued 2018 bat detection efforts and archived data for expert review.

* Continued planning for the MBP Horn Point BioBlitz in September.

* Jim presented Maryland Biodiversity Project and led a field trip for the 2018 Native Orchid Conference, which was hosted by Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC).

* Jim led an enjoyable Maryland Native Plant Society (MNPS) field trip to Dorchester County.

* Jim led a moth program at Pickering Creek Audubon Center.

* Improved backup of cloud storage. Our Amazon S3 buckets are extremely reliable, but we also set up another sync to a remote hard drive to further ensure we never lose our hundreds of thousands of images.

* Ingested “Pseudoscorpions from Plummers Island, Maryland, with the Reported Use of Empty Snail Shells by Arthropods” (Norden, 2008). Processed by Bill Hubick.

* Ingested “Two new species of Eulimnadia from Maryland and Virginia (Crustacea: Conchostraca)” (Mattox, 1953). Processed by Bill Hubick.

* Ingested “Cuckoo Wasps (Hymenoptera: Chrysididae) of Hart-Miller Island, Chesapeake Bay, Baltimore County, Maryland” (Scarpulla, 2017). Processed by Tim Reichard.

* Processed “Limax maximus (Gastropoda: Limacidae) Predation on Magicicada septendecim (Hemiptera: Cicadidae) in Prince George’s County, Maryland” (Norden & Williams, 2015). Processed by Bill Hubick.

* Ingested 1,000+ verified Tim Reichard records from 2016 and 2017 field seasons.

* Collaborated with Butch Norden on various species updates, especially Bipalium (terrestrial planarians) and gastropods. Added many papers to our backlog. Thanks!

* Josh Emm continued to provide Maryland mosquito content, include data mined from microscopic review of specimens.

* Ben Coulter kicked off some planarian data mining and content creation for ant pages (e.g., species accounts).

* MBP contributors donated image use to a large wetland restoration project conducted by MD DNR and the University of Maryland in the DeaI Island area (Brighton, Hubick, K. Johnson, J. L. Stasz).

* We processed 5,156 records and 3,596 photos, of which 2,110 photos were taken during the one-month window.

* “New Stuff” for each month – new state, county, quad, and month records by observer. You can now click any contributor’s name to filter by that observer:…/checkForNew.php….

* We wrote daily Maryland natural history posts on Facebook ( and regular posts on Twitter ( and Instagram ( Our Facebook posts reached over 80,000 people.

Maryland Biodiversity Project July 2018 Highlights Stats (since last highlights report)

* Species/taxa featured: 17,873 (+127!!!)
* Species with photos: 9,918 (+110!!!)
* Total Records: 414,644 (+8,746)
* Total Photos: 116,993 (+6,807)
* Contributors: 1,000+
* Facebook Page Likes: 9,922 (+259)
(We should break 10,000 in August!)
* Twitter Followers: 403 (+10)
* Instagram Followers: 572 (+45)
* Photos in the MBP Flickr queue: 2,391


Donations are greatly appreciated and help keep up project growth and momentum. Click “Donate” in the top-right corner of any MBP page.

This post’s photo shows a Crested Yellow Orchid (Platanthera cristata), one of July’s S3 Initiative species. Photo by Jared Satchell.

Thank you for visiting our Maryland Biodiversity Project July 2018 Highlights page & please share your pix & your comments with us!

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