Ocean City Reef Foundation Block Deployment 11/4/18

Press Release: Ocean City Reef Foundation Block Deployment 11/4/18
By: Monty Hawkins

Ocean City Reef Foundation Block Deployment 11/4/18

Block Deployment Sunday 11/4/18
23,302 Blocks Total

Block Deployment Eagle Scouts | Ocean City Reef Foundation Block Deployment 11/4/18

Photo Courtesy of the Ocean City Reef Foundation

Greetings All,
While awaiting good weather–really good weather–Seems Like Months Waiting For Good Weather!–for 2 barge deliveries (and another in the works!)–I was able to take Eagle Scout Applicant Chris Robinson & his cadre of helpers out to add to “Wolf & Sons Reef” Sunday, 11/4..

We deployed 218 blocks – small ones first, followed by larger block/larger hole tog units.
The green sidescan shot shows a dark shadow mid-reef. That’s where we mounded them the tallest.
We’ll also add to this reef, a nearshore reef, Kelly’s Reef at Little Gull Shoal, with many more deployments in coming years.

All blocks were donated by York Building Products.

Ocean City Reef Foundation Block Deployment 11/4/18 | Reef Scan

Photo Courtesy of the Ocean City Reef Foundation

While we do occasionally take a load as we did Sunday, we also take a couple dozen or so every fishing trip.. The idea with reef blocks is to add to existing reef – to bolster or broaden something already on the bottom. The new drop site “Two Tanks Reef,” near the African Queen for instance, is two Vietnam era armored personnel carriers (APCs) that were deployed by the Army’s “Operation Reef Ex” in 1994. They’re only 60 feet apart. It’ll take years, but we’ll eventually stitch the two APCs together with blocks and make a much larger, more fishable, reef. All sites currently being worked on, and all past ones, are precisely located on Ocean City Reef Foundation charts.
As for our barges: Barges, cheap & even free barges are not renowned for their seaworthiness.. It has to be pretty. We’ll get to them when the weather is right.

Monty Hawkins

Learn more about, and support, the Ocean City Reef Foundation… Click Here!

Thank you for reading the Ocean City Reef Foundation Block Deployment 11/4/18, we’ll keep you updated of future deployments!

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