CleanBeachOC Annual Report 2018

Ocean City Cool’s #CleanBeachOC Project reached new milestones in 2018 and as we have started our cleanups in 2019 we look forward to reaching many more. Here is our CleanBeachOC Annual Report 2018 and what we look to accomplish in 2019…

CleanBeachOC Annual Report 2018

During 2018 our #CleanBeachOC Teams of volunteers have cleaned up every part of our 10 miles of beach at least one time, plus many of the streets and sections of the bay.  With over 48 group cleanups we did not stop there, many of our #CleanBeachOC Team 52nd St Beach | CleanBeachOC Annual Report 2018Team members and followers of our #CleanBeachOC Project cleaned up sections of the beach too many times to count, joined in other local organizations in their cleanups and worked with local Ocean City Officials when trouble spots were found.

Some of the highlights of 2018:

  • The first year our #CleanBeachOC Team cleaned all 10 miles of our Ocean City beach in less than one year
  • 48 #CleanBeachOC Tuesday weekly beach cleanups
  • Over 576 volunteer hours
  • Help from members of Ocean City Cool from California, Connecticut, Florida & Trinidad, at least 13 states and 1 foreign country
  • Over 7,000 pounds of refuse cleaned off our beaches, off our streets & out of our bays

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WE are going forward in 2019 to accomplish even more…

We began our #CleanBeachOC after Winter Storm Jonas in January 2016, now as we are about to begin our fourth year of our weekly #CleanBeachOC we look forward to working with local residents,  businesses and organizations to assist them in learning more about how they can help.

CleanBeachOC Deluxe Tote Bag

Some of the #CleanBeachOC goals we will be working on: 

  • Increased participation by local residents, businesses & organizations
  • Help reduce the use of paper & plastics
  • Increase the use of natural products; sugar cane, hemp & other plant-based products
  • Increase the use of reusable products; ie. encouraging the use of reusable bags whenever & wherever shopping…
  • Work with the Town of Ocean City’s Green Team to find new ways to keep our beaches, streets & bays clean & safe for all…
  • Work with manufacturers (local whenever possible) to create any of the products that we can use that are plant-based…
  • Build awareness with our visitors to Ocean City MD on helping to keep our beaches, streets & bays clean & safe for all, currently, with over 75,000 fans of Ocean City Cool, we have a base of people who care!

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YOUR Help Is Needed!

We could not have accomplished what we have without all the great volunteers, many that come out week after week, many that come out once or twice per year while they are visiting OC, and some that join in as they are just passing thru…

There is so much more we can accomplish with your help, one of the simplest things you can do is sharing our weekly cleanups with your friends, you can find these weekly events on our Facebook page at CleanBeachOC.  Just share the link, the more folks that know about what we are doing, the more will join in…

STOP using so much paper & plastic, USE reusable products!  Do NOT replace plastic with paper, that is simply killing us humans faster than your use of plastic items, at least the plastic you can use over & over & over, whereas paper has a finite lifespan.  Your use of paper products will continue to deplete our worldwide forests (read Global Forest Resources Assessment 2015 – How are the world’s forests changing? Second edition) helping to deplete our ozone layer, displacing thousands upon thousands of our wildlife, causing wildlife extinctions faster than ever recorded (read The Extinction Crisis).  Finally, learn what you are sucking on when you grab that paper straw in the Poison Papers.

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Setting The Trend In Ocean City For 2019

Our small community, and our friends of Ocean City Cool & #CleanBeachOC, can help set the trend in 2019 by going plant-based & reusable! During 2019 we will be sharing about products we find to assist you in go plant-based & reusable, what we find & learn that is up & coming in the eco-world, and more importantly, we want to hear from you, your ideas, and what you are doing.

Some of the products we’d like to see being used in 2019:

Earth’s Natural Alternative Wheat Straw Fiber, Bagasse (Sugarcane) Tree Free 6″ x 6″ Clam Shell Containers. Made from unbleached, chlorine free, pesticide free, dye free, natural discarded wheat stalk bagasse (sugarcane fiber)…  Cost is only $0.15 each or less, less if our local businesses pooled together


100% Biodegradable & Compostable Eco-Friendly Long Wheat Straws – Pack of 100 – Natural and Disposable Drinking Straws – Better Alternative to Plastic, Paper, Stainless-Steel, Silicone & Glass Straws…  Businesses can purchase at $0.15 per straw, but if we work together & order enough straws we can get this price down to $0.03 per straw vs $0.005 per straw, will you pay the extra couple pennies per straw?

For your own lunch bag, check out these Bee’s Wrap Reusable Food Wraps, Sustainable Plastic-Free Food Storage. Natural alternative to plastic wrap. Wrap up cheese, fruit, vegetables, and bread. Cover a bowl or pack a snack for your next adventure. Washable, reusable & compostable & made in Vermont.. See More!

This is only the beginning, we will continue to look for more & more products that we all can use in place of the planet-destroying paper & plastic, so follow our Facebook page @CleanBeachOC to learn more!

Thank you for investing your time to read our CleanBeachOC Annual Report 2018

Please help support our goals, a $1 or $2 is all we ask, each $1 helps us reach another person, helps us to get a little closer to buying the supplies we need, helps us share what we have accomplished & what we will accomplish in 2019…

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Thank You For Your Support!


“It’s All About What You Do Every Day, Be Remarkable!” ~ Robert J Banach, Founder of #CleanBeachOC

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