Global Species Decline 2019 | Earth Day Network

Press Release: Global Species Decline 2019 | Earth Day Network

Earth Day 2019 - Protect Our Species | Global Species Decline 2019
The world is facing a mass extinction of species.  All species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, arthropods (insects and arachnids), fish, crustaceans, corals and other cnidarians, and plants have declined, in many cases, severely. Human civilization has had a negative impact on most living things.

Global Species Decline 2019 Facts

FACT #1 We are experiencing the largest period of species extinction in the last 60 million years. The normal rate of species extinction is one to five species each year. Scientists estimate that we are now losing species at 1,000 to 10,000 times the normal rate, with literally dozens of species going extinct every day. Many will disappear before we learn about them or the benefits they bring to our eco-systems and our planet.[1]
FACT #2 A new study has suggested that insect populations have decreased by more than 75% worldwide over the last 28 years. 80% of wild plants rely on bees and other insects for pollination, and 60% of bird species rely on insects for food.[2]
FACT #3 Habitat destruction, exploitation, and climate change are driving the loss of half of the world’s wild animal population.[3]
FACT #4 Primates, our closest animal relatives, are under extraordinary threat. Close to 60% of the world’s 504 primate species are threatened with extinction, and 75% of our primate species are in severe decline. [4]
FACT #5 Around the world, more than 650,000 marine mammals are caught or seriously injured by fishing gear every year.[5]
FACT #6 75% of all toothed whale species (dolphins, porpoises), 65% of baleen whale species (humpback, blue), and 65% of pinniped species (sea lions) all suffer from bycatch in fishing operations around the world. [6]
FACT #7 40% of the world’s bird species are in decline, and 1 in 8 is threatened with global extinction.[7]
FACT #8 Our big cats, including tigers, leopards, and cheetahs are in critical decline, and many will become extinct in the next decade. The world’s cats are exploited for their body parts and skins. China remains the world’s largest market for these critically endangered species along with the black rhino and other species. [8]
FACT #9 Lizard populations are especially vulnerable to climate change. A recent study projects that if the current decline in lizard populations continues, 40% of all lizard species will be extinct by 2080. [9]
FACT #10 The American Bison once numbered in the millions and roamed from Alaska to Mexico. They now occupy less than one percent of their original habitat. Their existing habitat is so small and tightly controlled that surviving bison have been compared to herded cattle. [10]

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Reprint courtesy of Earth Day Network – Global Species Decline 2019

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