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About Ocean City Cool | Robert J Banach

About Ocean City Cool

Ocean City Cool is a small team of Ocean City residents that are looking to help you find what you are looking for in your visit to our year round resort. This is primarily a family resort, catering to the entire family with more cool things to do than you have time for in a week or two.

With events going on all year round, it’s just a lot of fun to be here; from a getaway for Valentine’s Day, to visitors from around the world coming in for our annual Car Shows, Kite Festivals, and then you have Senior Week may be a little crazy, but it’s a week that we are ready for and plan for.

Ocean City is, also, a year round business and convention destination with amenities to make your companies visit here productive, comfortable and enjoyable. A convention center in central Ocean City that is set up to cater to your every need for 1000’s, small businesses to help you for any of your special needs at a moments notice.

If your business does not need a convention center, we have business centers to handle your needs; from the Carousel to the Clarion, bigger or smaller, whatever your business need, we have the rooms for what you need. And, services that are best around!

Our Mission

Our Mission here at Ocean City Cool is to assist you in having the coolest time you have ever had while away from home; whether it is a vacation, getaway or a small or large convention, you will find here the resources you need. And, if for some reason you do not find what you are seeking, we are hear to find it for you.

About Ocean City Cool Team

Ocean City Cool Team is comprised of YOU! We share what you share here, and on…

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About Ocean City Cool | Robert J Banach

Robert J Banach photographing the Penguin Swim 2016

Photo by Margaret Sellers Long

You’ll find me around a lot, I’m Bob Banach, I just moved back to OC in Jan 2014 after being away for 30+ years, a lot has changed. So, as I’m learning my way back around I’m sharing what I’m finding, and looking for your assistance to find all the coolest stuff here in Ocean City.

Please take a moment to say hello and share something cool… Click Here! Or, better yet, join me at the inlet at sunrise, as that’s where you’ll find me most mornings, or let’s grab some coffee!

Finally, want to learn a little more about me, my background, check me out at…

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Robert J Banach Photography

Along with this site I’m, also, out taking pictures for you, my readers, I do photos for family, personal & business portraits, real estate, events and other various functions. (NOTE: If you are looking for a Wedding Photographer, I’d be glad to recommend a couple, as there are some great folks around town that specialize in Weddings!)

Let’s talk some more…  Click Here!

Giving Back To The Town I Live & Love!

Cleanest Beach In America project and our inaugural team is named #CleanBeachOC. The Clean Beach OC was started to help clean up the beaches of Ocean City after Winter Storm Jonas, late January 2016, and with the success and number of volunteers that showed up, we have developed it into the #CleanBeachOC project…

Every Tuesday during the summer we meet on the beach at 8:00 am and clean for one hour, yes it’s only one hour, may not sound like a lot, but we average 40 to 60 pounds of trash picked up each week.  Our biggest week was 145 lbs of trash cleaned up, that was a lot of cleaning, thank goodness we had our cart with us…  Weekly is not enough, but it’s a good start, and with your help, I’m hoping we can do a whole lot more!

Read more about our Cleanest Beach In America Project > Click Here!

More Good News…

Since we started this project the Ocean City Town Council, after two years of tabling the Ocean City Surf Club’s Adopt Your Beach Project, finally decided to allow it to be set in motion, though with some restrictions.  Now, I hope you’ll join in on their Project as well as there can never be enough help to keep our beaches clean.  Watch for informational posts…  Click Here!

Would love to share some of the TV Stations & Newspapers we’ve been featured in, but as I was never one to save stuff, well, so I’m going to try to update this so you can get to know even more about me and my passion for the beach…

Finally, More Ocean City Cool Projects…

Ocean City Cool Coupons – Save money on your condo or hotel, restaurants and stores, amusements and more at OceanCityCoolCoupons.com (see example of how your banner will rotate on this website on the bottom of this, and every, page!).

OCFreeAds.com – If you are looking for a job around OC check here first, have a job opening post it now!  Condo to rent or sell, share it.  Car, motorcycle, homemade crafts…  You name you’ll find it on this comprehensive Free Classifieds Ads site dedicated to the Ocean City MD Area… OCFreeAds.com

Ocean City Originals – Looking to add a little more Ocean City to your life, we have a store of Ocean City Originals, all kinds of cool Fine Art, Home Decor, Active and Lifestyle Products and even more AND all made from photographs from around Ocean City MD, check it out… OceanCityOriginals.com

Ocean City Coolest Photo Contests – Each week a different topic, each week a different prize by one of Ocean City’s local businesses, check our Facebook Group for this week’s Coolest Photo Contest… Click Here!

Ocean City Cool Fundraisers – We have four (4) fundraisers per year to assist our local Food Pantries each fall, a Toys fundraiser around the Christmas Holidays, for challenged children around Valentines Day and finally for educational assistance for our students around Easter (long-range we’d like to develop a Environmental Scholarship Fund in conjunction with our #CleanBeachOC project).  Sign up for our newsletter or watch for posts in our Facebook Group.

Having a fundraiser, we’d like to talk to you and see if we can assist, contact us at fundraising@oceancitycool.com

Ocean City MD 2018 Calendar

Ocean City MD 2018 Calendar | Ocean City CoolGet your Ocean City MD 2018 Calendar, all the coolest events around OC are already included so you can plan for your next vacations or weekend getaway, lots of Cool Coupons to save you money at your favorite restaurants & stores, also check the Coupons for some cool condo rentals.

Great for gifts, for your fundraisers or let’s talk about creating and branding a Calendar for your business.

Find a local store or order online… Click Here!

Watch for lots more cool projects coming up in 2018!

Thank you in advance for surfing here, and more importantly, for adding your insights into Ocean City MD! 

You will have coolest time ever in Ocean City MD any and every time you are here!

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“It’s all about what you do every day, be remarkable!” ~ Robert J Banach

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