Ocean City History: New Historical Plaques

Ocean City History William B Rothermel is a Boy Scout with Ocean City Troop 261, his goal is to become an Eagle Scout, to accomplish this one must create a Project, his project was to bring Ocean City History to us in 6 beautiful historical plaques around downtown Ocean City […]

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Bucket List Ocean City Skydiving

You Can Do THIS in Ocean City? A Check Off The Bucket List

Ocean City Skydiving When I think of someone’s Bucket List, Ocean City isn’t necessarily the place I think to make that check. My youngest son was turning 21 and we wanted something different, exciting and unique for him to do on his birthday. I had an idea and started looking into places to […]

Places Around Ocean City MD

Places Around Ocean City MD Looking for some of the best photography sights around Ocean City, or looking to do a sightseeing tour of some of our landmark places, places were history was made… Let’s start our walk at the very most southeastern tip of the Ocean City Peninsula, also […]

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Ocean City Sunrise Post Hurricane Joaquin

Ocean City Sunrise Post Hurricane Joaquin It was quite a week as Ocean City MD and the surrounding beaches were pummeled by a Nor’easter, then followed by strong winds and waves  by Hurricane Joaquin as it passed by a couple hundred miles off the shore. There was light at the […]

Jolly Roger Pier Sand Drifts