Casita Linda Mexican Bakery & Cafe

Welcome to Casita Linda Mexican Bakery & Cafe Ocean City MD…

Casita Linda Mexican Bakery & Cafe

Address: 218 N Baltimore Ave, Ocean City MD 21842 [Map]
Phone: 443.664.5993
Reservations: Guests Seated In Order Of Arrival
Hours: Monday – Sunday 6 am – 5 pm * Tuesday Closed
Happy Hour: N/A
Open: Seasonal
Cuisine: Menu | Coffee Bar | Special Orders
Dining Options: Eat In, Carry Out
Pet-Friendly: No
Ocean City Cool Coupon: No
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Casita Linda Mexican Bakery & Cafe Ocean City MD
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About Casita Linda Mexican Bakery & Cafe

Casita Linda is a Mexican Bakery & Cafe. Located in downtown Ocean City, MD. Our menu is completely homemade. From our Torta sandwich bread, to our Aguas Frescas, and salsas. Our menu will often feature new creations as the seasons change.

Our roots are deeply embedded in the soil of Guanajuato, Mexico. Every detail in our creations at Casita Linda hold a lifelong meaning or a memory. We wish to make our guests feel as if they were in our own Casita.

Casita Linda es una panadería estilo cafetería ubicada en downtown Ocean City, MD. Nuestro menú está completamente hecho en Casita Linda incluyendo nuestro pan de torta, aguas frescas, y salsas. Nuestro menú ofrece nuevas creaciones entre los cambios de temporadas.

Nuestras raíces son de Guanajuato, Mexico. Cada detalle en nuestras creaciones guardan una memoria de nuestra cultura. Deseamos que nuestros invitados se sientan como si estuvieran en su Casita.

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