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IronWeed Ale Werks

Address: 5509 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, MD 21842 [Map]
Phone: 443.664.6682
Email: Contact Form
Reservations: Guests Seated In Order Of Arrival

  • Season: 11:00 am – 2:00 am
  • Off Season: Wed 3 – 11 pm | Thu 11 am – 11 pm | Fri & Sat 11 am – 11:45 pm | Sun 11 am – 11 pm

Open: Year-Round
Cuisine: Menu | Full Bar
Dining Options: Eat In, Carry Out
Ocean City Cool Coupon: No
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 IronWeed Ale Werks Ocean City MD
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About IronWeed Ale Werks

IronWeed Ale Werks is a production brewery and restaurant. We are re-branding OC Brewing in OC MD and making our debut Summer 2019! Open during transition

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