Ocean City Cool Advertising Rates

Ocean City Cool Advertising Rates

Thank you for your interest in Ocean City Cool Advertising Rates!

Ocean City Cool is a website, a blog, it is a Newsletter, it is a Facebook Page and Group, we are on Twitter, Instagram, and on most every one of the Social Media Sites.

Ocean City Cool, also, is a brand of Apparel, Home & Office Decor, Stationery, and much, much more.  And, we are just getting started.  Check out some of our work at OceanCityOriginals.com

We are, also, the founders of #CleanBeachOC, a weekly beach & bay cleaning project with a goal of helping Ocean City MD be the Cleanest Beach In America!

Ocean City Maryland Boardwalk at Division St Arch at Sunrise | Ocean City Cool Advertising Rates


Ocean City Cool Demographics

Ocean City Cool readers are folks that live primarily in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

  • The Readership is 73% Women and 27% Male
  • Average Age of overall readership from 45 to 54
    • 2nd largest is 35 to 44
    • 3rd largest is 55 to 64
  • 99% US Citizens
  • As of November 2018 we have over 75,000 fans, members & friends for just our Ocean City Cool Facebook sites, in addition we have a presence on Instagram, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and more social media sites
  • As of November 2018 we have over 3,500 subscribers to our weekly newsletter with an average open rate of 15%
  • As of November 2018 we have over 500 unique visitors to our OceanCityCool.com website per week, during the summer of 2018 our average was over 1,500, an average 110% growth over 2017

OC Air Show 2015 | Ocean City Cool Advertising Rates

Ocean City Cool Advertising Rates

Ocean City Cool Coupons

Join our Ocean City Cool Coupons program, your coupon will be placed:

  1. On your webpage here on OceanCityCool.com
  2. In the banner rotation on the bottom of all pages of our OceanCityCool.com website
  3. In the banner rotation on the Ocean City Cool Weekly Newsletter
  4. Shared via our auto-posting app to all the Ocean City Cool social media sites in rotation
  5. Exclusive sharing to our Ocean City Cool Facebook Group, non-Cool Coupon businesses may not share in our group

Cost to join our Ocean City Cool Coupons online program is $99 / yr.

  • Graphic sizes needed:
    • 5 inches wide by 1 inch high at 72 dpi (300 dpi if you add the Calendar option)
    • 2.33 inches wide by 2.66 inches high at 72 dpi
  • If you would like us to create the graphics for you cost is $50 per set

You may change the graphic quarterly at no additional charge, 72 hours notice is required, additional changes are $25 per change. If you supply the graphics there is no charge to change your ad once per quarter, additional changes are $25 per change.

All Cool Coupons are visual coupons, our readers will show them to you on their smartphones.  If you require a coupon to be printed, you MUST specify this on your coupon!

Finally, though I call this our Ocean City Cool Coupon program, it is up to you if you actually want to offer a coupon, as you can see on our OceanCityCoolCoupons.com page, not all businesses offer a coupon, some businesses elect to just share something about their business.

Tracking of Coupon use is up to you, at this time the only capability I have is to share with you the number of times your Coupon is seen per month (upon request).

Cool Coupon

Graphics Set

Ocean City MD Calendar

Each year we publish an Ocean City MD Calendar; All major events are listed, #CoolCoupons on each page, and in the 6 sets of pages in the back of the Calendar.  Calendars are sent to the printer on September 1st and are available beginning at Sunfest each year.  Deadline for advertising is August 15th!!!

NOTE: We do our best with the dates of events, but as the Town of Ocean City & Event Promoters have been known to change dates, we do not guarantee dates.  Our accuracy has been over 95%!

Graphic Size Options:

  1. 5 inches wide by 1 inch high at 300 dpi
    1. Cost to be 1 of 2 coupons on a month page is $149
    2. Cost on back coupon pages is $99
  2. 5 inches wide by 3 inches high (1/4 page) at 300 dpi on back coupon pages
    1. Cost for 1/4 page coupon is $249
  3. 5 inches wide by 6 inches high (1/2 page) at 300 dpi on back coupon pages
    1. Cost for 1/2 page coupon is $449
  4. 10 inches wide by 6 inches high (full page) at 300 dpi on back coupon pages
    1. Cost for full page coupon is $849

To be equally fair to all advertisers coupons are placed randomly.  As coupons are sold throughout the year, I can not favor one business over another.

Calendar Inserts: Have your flyer/rack card inserted in the shipping envelope with the Calendar, you supply insert no larger than 11 inches by 8 1/2 inches.

  • Cost for insert is $149 / 5000 Calendars, will bill prorated amount for over 5,000 Calendars, I will notify you if & when I will be ordering additional Calendars so you may prepare the inserts.

Calendar Event Icon:

  • Add your Event Icon on the day of your event, or first day if multiple day event at $25, major OC events take priority, first come first served.

Calendar Options

Calendar Insert

Event Icon

Coolest Photo Contests

Sponsor one, or more, of our weekly Ocean City Cool Coolest Photo Contests.  For the last over 2 years we have had a weekly contest sponsored by one of our local businesses. Have your business promoted as the sponsor for the 4 to 5 days during the week(s) of your sponsorship…

  • Minimum $25 Gift Certificate (52 weeks)
  • 2 Night Stay (Please specify dates available) – Monthly Grand Prize (12)

Email me at bob@oceancitycool.com

Ocean City Cool Website

Our goal at Ocean City Cool is to add pages on a regular basis attracting more and more readers who are looking to learn all about the cool stuff going on here in Ocean City, these pages are static pages, they will be the basic outline of the site, and additional pages and posts will expand from there.

The posts here on Ocean City Cool are about actual events, reviews of businesses, and other happenings around town. Posts, though they may be found forever by folks Googling for information, are generally transient, basically they do not have the ‘stickiness’ that a page will have.

As such, the rates for advertising on the Ocean City Cool website are as follows…

  1. Join the #CoolCoupons program & be put in rotation on every page on OceanCityCool.com
  2. Banner Ads – Bottom Every Page – 2 inches x 2 inches
    1. Cost is $495 / 6 months, only 2 spots available, first come first served.
Website Banner

Ocean City Cool Advertising Rates Weekly Newsletter

Each week we send out a newsletter to all our subscribers, as well as post the newsletter on our social media sites each day during the week, here is one of our weekly newsletter to check out… Click Here!

Options available are:

  1. Top Banner – $495 / 6 months (5 inches wide x 1 inches high at 300 dpi) (1) Sold thru 5/30/19
  2. 2nd Banner – $395 / 6 months (5 inches wide x 1 inches high at 300 dpi) (1) Available
  3. Side Banner $295 / 6 months (2 inches wide x 2 inches high at 300 dpi) (2) 1 Available
Top Banner

2nd Banner

Side Banner

Ocean City Cool Advertising – View Cart

Ocean City Cool – 5 Years In OC

I am currently planning on putting together my first picture book of my first five years here in OC, with approximately 150,000 photos to choose from it’s going to be a challenge, some of my favorite photos you can find at OceanCityOriginals.com

The book will be approximately 120 pages, 20 pages are reserved for sponsors of the book, sponsor pages will include photos of the sponsors business & a column sharing about the business.

As soon as I finalize cost for production & shipping, I’ll include sponsorship pricing here.

I am planning on having this book available at Sunfest 2021, along with my Ocean City MD 2021 Calendar, I should have these numbers in January 2021…

Ocean City Cool Sponsorship

Ocean City Cool was started in January 2014, when I moved to Ocean City MD, I started it as I could not find a cool Ocean City Facebook photo sharing site.  After reviewing the current sites, a cool site for sharing of photos was needed.  Now, 5 years later, we have grown to 75,000 strong, and continue to grow by 100’s per week, and the coolest part of this growth is that it has all been generic, never a penny spent on advertising.  I want people to join us that are truly interested in Ocean City, NOT people that followed us just because we paid for them to or are not planning to visit us in the near future.

Since then I have started the #CleanBeachOC project with a goal to be the Cleanest Beach In America.

There are a lot more projects that need the help of our fans & members that we would like to get involved in & support, with your sponsorship we can do a lot more…

Sponsors that are interested in having a banner (see banners above under Cool Coupons) on our website & would like to post in our Ocean City Cool Facebook Group (up to 1 time per week), minimum sponsorship is $99 / year, click the Subscribe button below.

Sponsorship Subscription

One Time Donation

Ocean City Cool Advertising Rates on our Classified Ads pages…

Free today, free tomorrow…  We do not plan on ever charging for classified ads, these are for everyone to help learn and find things…  Rental property, furniture, boats for sale, and everything else.

Everyone, every business, is free to post as many Free Classified Ad as they like, classified ads are much more liberal, with your basic caveats, no porn, no bullying, etc.  But, they are not monitored as the website, and our Social Media sites.

Post your FREE Ads at OCFreeAds.com

Thanks for checking out our Ocean City Cool Advertising Rates

As of November 1st 2018 we have over 75,000 generic fans, members, friends & followers, 98% do not live in Ocean City MD, but are interested and/or planning on visiting here.  Ocean City Cool is here to assist you in reaching the folks before they get here, we are helping them learn about, and plan, to visit your business.

Thank you for your order, I will be contacting you within 48 hours to review with you what we’ll do next…


Robert J Banach
Cell. 410.390.1849

Mailing Address:
102 Philadelphia Ave., Unit C
Ocean City, MD 21842


“Things don’t have to change the world to be important.” ~ Steve Jobs