Bag Boys Paperback by Christopher Conway (Author)


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Bag Boys by Christopher Conway, Author

Excerpt from Bag Boys:

A ‘Bag Boy’ is a kid the Mob uses to run numbers. “That’s how I got started. I was eight years old, the year was 1932.” Paul “Funeral” Signori started as a numbers runner, but soon graduated to a street fighter. Then, he moved into the nightclubs on Baltimore’s infamous “Block” as a Mob enforcer. He liked to call himself a head-basher. In 1942, he enlisted in the United States Army, eventually deploying for combat with the storied 71st Reconnaissance Troop. “Siggy,” as his platoon mates called him, was part of a unit that liberated the Gunskirchen Concentration Camp. He thought he was far from innocent when he went to war, having grown up in the Mob, but the horrors of World War II left him with a hardened heart, he thought beyond repair. Upon returning home, he re-joined his past life with the Mob, spending the next twenty-four years as an enforcer. Now, battling an inner darkness, he wrestles for love, family, and lasting peace.

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