Ocean City Cool Members Only Special Coupon

$199.00 $99.00

Ocean City Cool Members Only Special Coupon

Reach the readers of Ocean City Cool’s website and social media sites…

Current Readership:

Ocean City Cool Newsletter: 3,000+
Facebook Page: 18,000+ (with an average weekly reach of 25,000+)
Facebook Group: 16,000+
Facebook Personal Page: 4, 800+
Instagram: 3,000+
Pinterest: 850+ | 1.4k post views per month
Plus Google Plus & LinkedIn for a few more readers…

No, we are not on SnapChat, currently not the demographic we are going for, but may change…


Ocean City Cool Members Only Special Coupon

Ocean City Cool Members Only Special CouponReaches thousands of Ocean City MD fans every week through your Ocean City Cool Members Only Special Coupon.  Each week, every week, we share about our Ocean City Members Only Specials and Cool Coupons on our Facebook Page and in our Facebook Group twice per day and every time a new business has a special.

That’s thousands upon thousands of eyes on your Cool Coupon each week!

When vacationers come to OC are they going to be looking for Coupons books, magazines, or newspapers?

OR, are they going to look for & remember the ads they have seen thousands of times?  And, have that ad on their smartphone ready to take advantage of it?

That’s the beauty of Ocean City Cool Members Only Special Coupons, we are helping our readers get to know you long before they get here…

Ocean City Cool Members Only Special Coupon Pricing

First year special pricing is $99.00 for one year, renewal on the 2nd year will, also, be $99 for new businesses that partner with us with their first coupon in 2017.

We will design one coupon for you as in the examples you see on this page, additional coupon designs will be charged a Graphic Design Fee of $75 per hour. Design your own coupons and we will change your coupon three times during your one year at no charge, additional changes will be $25 per change.

Ocean City Cool Free Classifieds

Remember to add your business listings to the Ocean City Cool Free Classifieds. This is a new service to Ocean City Cool as of fall 2016, and is another avenue for you to keep your name in front of all our readers! Add your listing now… Click Here!

Ocean City Cool Photography Services

Need photographs for your website, brochures, conferences, etc.? We’d be glad to assist you, please contact us for a free consultation… 410.390.1849 or


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