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Wilkins Wildlife & BedBug 911

Address: 36627 Bi State Blvd, Delmar DE 19940 [Map]
Phone: 302.236.3533
Email: Contact Form
Hours: Mon – Fri 7 am – 7 pm | Sat 7 am – 1 pm | Sun closed
Open: Year-Round
Products | Services:


  • Ground Wildlife Inspection
  • Winged Wildlife Inspection (Birds & Waterfowl)
  • Wildlife Traps
  • Snake Removal and Prevention
  • Bat Inspection
  • Mole Control
  • Bedbug Services And More

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Wilkins Wildlife and Bed Bug 911
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About Wilkins Wildlife & BedBug 911

The Professional Wildlife Control Service in the Area
When ridding your home of an unwelcome raccoon or a bedbug infestation, you’re always better off hiring a pro. If you want these unwelcome guests gone once and for all, you must act quick. Luckily there is Wilkins Wildlife Removal & Bed Bug 911 to turn to with all your wildlife removal service needs in Delmar, DE.

Services We Offer
Be it bedbug, rodent, or wildlife control services that you are looking for, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll get rid of the intruders and help you reclaim your home. Just give us a call!

How We Do It
Our wildlife inspection and extraction program offer humane live traps with relocation to wildlife sanctuaries that are allowable by law. We perform exclusions, removal, repair, and prevention. Our goal is to keep wildlife in the wild and out of your home. We offer an extensive line of installation products to prevent wildlife and pests from even making it to the inside of your home. Why control it when you can eliminate it!

If you have bedbugs we believe that’s an emergency. We began in the business of bedbugs by first being a victim of them and our mission for bedbugs is very clear. They all must die, and we want the pleasure of doing it like no one else. We are a pesticide-free – organic green company that also offers protection after the treatment with quarterly monitoring to protect your family just like we protect our own home.

Why Would You Use Our Services?
1 single BedBug honestly means you just haven’t found the source. This is why a professional Inspection is well worth being performed. Wilkins wildlife can save your furniture, your home and your sanity from dealing with these resilient, fast reproductive insect. 1 BedBug is 1 too many.

Our wildlife program is humane, we live trap then also perform repairs after inspecting the structure with thermal imaging to guarantee there are no more intruders. From Raccoons to Bats to BedBugs and Rats Wilkins Wildlife has you covered!

Want to read more about the wildlife control service we provide in Delmarva? Just give us a call! You can also go to our About us page for the benefits of choosing us.

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*Note: By law no bat removal can be performed between May-September due to birthing season. This is for scheduled removal with $250 off deposit for scheduled services after September 2018 unless release letter is granted by DNR or DNREC

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