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The Beach Butler

Address: Ocean City MD
Phone: 410.746.0093
Email: Contact Form
Hours: 6:00 am – 6:00 pm
Open: Seasonal
Products | Services: Beach Equipment Set-Up Service
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The Beach Butler Ocean City MD
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About The Beach Butler

Our Mission – To provide exceptional door-to-beach and beach-to-door service of your beach belongings to maximize time spent with your family and time spent relaxing on the beach while you’re on vacation.

The Details – You leave your beach belongings outside your door at a scheduled time each morning and tell us where you want it set up. We pick it up, set it up, send you a picture of where your beach belongings are located, and you’re ready to be a beach bum without all the hassle.

When your day at the beach is over, we pack up your beach belongings at your scheduled time, and put them outside of your beach house door.

Imagine spending your mornings and afternoons not worrying about your beach belongings while you’re on vacation.

You work hard all year for your vacation. You should be vacationing and not wasting hours each day wrangling with your beach items; let us manage that.

We ensure your vacation, stays a vacation!

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