Golfing Terms

Golfing Terms

The following are some golfing terms you may want to know before you head out to the greens…


Works like a conventional scramble except that the team may not select the same golfer’s shot twice in a row until reaching the green. Once on the green, this restriction no longer applies.

We are told that if a player’s shot is selected, that player is supposed to skip the next shot altogether. Perhaps this is to speed up the game.

That’s not important to the format or scoring of the game.

A Florida Scramble adds a tactical wrinkle not present in an ordinary Scramble. It is no longer an automatic decision to select the best-placed ball every time. There will be occasions where the team (or team captain) will prefer to choose the second best shot so that a particular player will be eligible to hit the next shot. Perhaps there is a water hazard to cross and the captain wants his best player to have a chance at crossing it. Perhaps one member of the team is particularly good at approach shots. Whatever the specific reason, a Florida Scramble combines strategy along with skill.


A form of team competition popular with groups of mixed skill level whereby each member of a team gets to tee off. Then, the team (or team captain) selects the best tee shot of all that were hit. The other team members pick up their respective balls and everyone gathers at the selected ball. One-by-one, each team member drops their ball at that location and plays another shot. Then, the best shot of these is chosen and all team members play from that position. This process continues until any member of the team holes out. The team receives a score for the hole, rather than individuals.

A Florida Scramble adds a twist to this format.

A scramble is a fun format that’s popular with corporate outings, church functions, etc. where the competitors are of all degrees of proficiency. It gets everyone involved and allows even the worst golfers a chance to be part of the winning team. It’s also used when a significant number of competitors don’t play frequently enough to have their own established handicap.


This is a variation of the conventional scramble format in which each team is composed of four players.

In a conventional scramble, the team selects the best shot each time, no matter which team member produced the result.

In a Texas Scramble, the team is forced to select at least four tee-shots by each member.

For example: If Team A is composed of Billy, Sandy, June and Robert, that team is forced to select at least four tee shots by Billy, four by Sandy, four by June and four by Robert along the way.

So if Robert is a beginner and he puts his tee shot on Hole 3 onto the fairway, the team had better grab that one while it can, even if the other three tee shots were superior!

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