Clean Beaches Impact Environment Worldwide

Clean Beaches Impact Environment Worldwide

Trash Off My Beach Is More Than Just The Beach…

It effects everything!

Trash Off My Beach Plastic Debris photo by She Seas Shots | Clean Beaches Impact Environment

Trash Off My Beach Collects Plastic Debris | Photo by She Seas Shots

Each week as we head out to the beaches were we live with a trash bag in hand we are making a difference, however small you may feel it to be, it ISN’T small!

It’s a REALLY big thing… And, very cool of you to care enough to do it!

A group of volunteers and I have been cleaning the beach in Ocean City since Winter Storm Jonas hit in late January 2016, for 9 days straight we hit the beach at noon and for an hour we cleaned and cleaned. We haven’t stopped, we have gone to once a week, we get together at the Ocean City Inlet Parking Lot and head to the beach.  We surely haven’t slowed down because of lack of debris to pick up, but only due to the lack of time, though if you see any of us on the beach, bet you’ll see a bag in our hands for collecting debris…

Clean Beaches Impact Environment Worldwide

Don’t believe me, let’s take look at what we are collecting each time we are walking on the beach…  90% of what we are picking up is plastic of one form or another, styrofoam would come in way up there too if it weren’t mostly the broken down pellets, thousands and thousands and thousands of them…

These two items have a life span of 500 years to eternity, our friends at Science Learn have put together a list of items and the amount of time it takes, if it ever does, to completely biodegrade…

How fast do things biodegrade by Science Learn | Trash Off My Beach Plastic Debris photo by She Seas Shots | Clean Beaches Impact Environment

Graph Courtesy of Science Learn

Clean Beaches Impact Environment: Degrade vs Biodegrade

Let’s look more at Styrofoam and Plastic, when do they go away?  The answer is NEVER!  Now that’s darned scary…

You may have heard that some plastic products are made to “degrade”, degrading is simply a breaking down into smaller parts, it does NOT become environmentally safe.  More about the effects of these smaller particles later.

Biodegradable products are available, BUT finding truly biodegradable products is not easy to do.  Though many claims are made, they can be deceiving, plastics made from corn, and other ORGANIC products, will break down into water, carbon dioxide, and biomass—with no nasty chemical leftovers. (Learn more at Mother Earth > Click Here!)

Producing biodegradable plastic just got cheaper and greener, but NOT enough to make them economically feasible to companies more concerned with making products that are less expensive for you & I to buy, and more profitable to the manufacturers.

Professor Bert Sels, at the Centre for Surface Chemistry and Catalysis at KU Leuven is helping develop PLA Plastics

What are PLA Plastics?

The bioplastic PLA is derived from renewable resources, including the sugar in maize and sugarcane. Fermentation turns the sugar into lactic acid, which in turn is a building block for polylactic acid. PLA degrades after a number of years in certain environments. If it is collected and sorted correctly, it is both industrially compostable and recyclable. In addition, PLA is biocompatible and thus suitable for medical use, for instance in absorbable suture threads. PLA is also one of the few plastics that are suitable for 3D printing.

Why It’s So Important To Change To PLA’s NOW!

Please take a moment to read this very short but succinct article by Morro Bay National Estuary Program and how our plastic waste is helping to deplete our oyster populations > Read It!

Clean Beaches Impact Environment Worldwide

… And, the place to start is right at home, AND we need your help!

I know that a lot of folks don’t think it’s that important,  or that it’ll work out, or that someone else will do it…  BUT that’s NOT the point, the point IS that we start now and share our passion for a cleaner, safer environment today…

Your children, my children, our grandchildren and all future generations depend on us acting NOW.

Support Trash Off My Beach and Help Us Start a Movement that lasts a lifetime, Thank You!

Share a little, share a lot, we appreciate every little bit…

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Easier to mail your donation, send it to… Trash Off My Beach, 408 Philadelphia Ave, Unit 901, Ocean City, MD 21843-6537 USA

Thank you for all your support and hard work keeping our beaches clean!

We’ll keep you up to day…  So, Look For More Info to Come!


Robert J Banach

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