Trash Off My Beach Sponsor Benefits

Trash Off My Beach Sponsor Benefits

Thank you for becoming a Trash Off My Beach Sponsor!

Our goal with Trash Off My Beach is to clean the beaches of Ocean City MD, from the shores of the Atlantic Ocean to the beaches on the bays. The work is daunting, and with the summer season fast approaching help is even in more demand. We need YOUR help!

Your Sponsorship Will Help Us:

  • Get the word out, helping us get more people involved
  • Educate more people in pitching in when they go to the beach with their friends & family
  • Help us spread the word outside of just our home here in Ocean City MD in to more residents and visitors to the beaches and bays of the USA
  • It will help us supply the supplies needed, the trash bags, gloves, racks and beach wagons
  • It will help us sponsor local events to share what we are doing, why and how we protect the environment and the wildlife in the areas we are cleaning up

Trash Off My Beach Sponsor T-Shirt

For your donation of $1,000 you will be one of the four individuals &/or businesses that will be listed on our first 400 t-shirts. These shirts will be given out to folks that join us in our efforts to keep our beaches clean. We want to get these shirts out to more than just the people and the businesses that join us on the beach here in OC, but to help encourage others in other areas to join in and show that they care.

Trash Off My Beach Turtle T-Shirt front Trash Off My Beach T-Shirt w/ Squares

The Trash Off My Beach Sponsor for our T-Shirt will, also, receive ad space on one of our 2017 Calendars. See more below…

Trash Off My Beach Sponsor Calendar

For your donation of $399 ($599 for months May thru August) you will be one of the individuals or businesses that will acquire space on one of our calendars, whether you would like to Sponsor as a Memorial or would like to place a Coupon for your business, these calendars will be hanging on the walls of at least 5,000 people that are beach lovers, that come here to Ocean City and will be bringing their Calendar Coupons with them so they can save money when coming to your place of business.

Ocean City MD 2017 Calendar Cover | Trash Off My Beach Sponsor Calendar January 2017 Calendar page | Trash Off My Beach Sponsor Calendar

Trash Off My Beach Sponsors Are Limited

Trash Off My Beach Sponsors of T-Shirts are limited, each T-Shirt will have ONLY 4 Sponsors, each T-Shirt run will be 150 shirts.  We will print shirts when each fourth sponsorship is achieved.  We want these shirts in the hands of as many people as possible and hope to continue producing them as we continue to grow around Ocean City and Delmarva, and beyond…

Initially, the T-Shirts will all be of one design and come in Womens medium and large, Mens medium, large and x-large, and a Mens small for our younger generation clean beach enthusiasts.

Trash Off My Beach Sponsor of Calendars are limited, there are only 20 ad spaces (maximum, less do to full size ads, and the 4 going to the T-Shirt Sponsors) available, on a first come first served basis, choice of month will, also, be scheduled on a first come first served basis, but as we believe that if your Coupon adds value to our customers they will most likely bring the Calendar with them to the beach, or get another one at your place of business while they are here.

Once one Calendar is sold out, we will produce another Calendar, different photographs.  Your Sponsorship of Calendars will include 20 Calendars for you to give to your friends and family, or you may retail them or give them away to your customers.

Our 2016 Calendars sold for $20 each, our wholesale cost was a little under $10, depending on the quantities we are able to order we will lower the price accordingly.  We need to cover our expenses and make a small profit so we can continue to grow and spread the word, and still plan on keeping the wholesale cost lower enough so that if you decide to retail the Calendars it is worth your counter space and time to do so.

Trash Off My Beach Sponsor Calendar Insert

For Your $99 Donation Your Name or Business will be listed on an Insert that will go with the Calendar.  You supply the graphics, no extra charge, we will gladly do your graphics for you for a fee of $25/hr.  With your Donation you will receive 2 Calendars, and you may order additional Calendars at the initial wholesale price of $10 per Calendar.

Trash Off My Beach Sponsor Donations

Let’s get you started and make sure you have a spot on the first run…  Select your choice…

Trash Off My Beach Sponsor Questions

Do you have any questions, comments and/or suggestions, we want to know!  Please Click Here to email us, or feel free to call at 410.921.0176

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“The idea of kids helping other kids is such a great way to introduce children to being involved in charitable causes and volunteer work, setting them on the path to doing good for others throughout their lives.” ~ Brandy Norwood

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